Our School

Before moving into its present building where it continues its education, our school was operating across the old pop factory of the area under the title of Hobyar School until 1930. It moved into its present location in 1932, and was named as Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa (Pasha) after one of the grand viziers of Sultan Mahmut the First. Although our school building is a historical structure, it has been renovated and converted into today’s modern shape to provide contemporary education. 

Historical Status of the Area

The growth and expansion of the area gained speed with the settling of people coming to İstanbul from different parts of Anatolia and Rumelia.
The construction of Kocamustafapaşa and Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Mosques and complexes resulted in the establishments of new quarters in the area.
Our quarter is named after nearby Cerrahpaşa Hospital and Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa mosque. Our school street has also taken its ‘Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa’ name from Ali Pasha who was one of the viziers of Sultan Mahmut the First, son of Hekimbaşı (Head Physician) Nuh Efendi.

Location of Our District

Fatih is located within the municipal boundaries of İstanbul City. It is situated in the Western European part of İstanbul peninsula with shores to Goldenhorn in the east and Marmara Sea in the south. It is placed between Zeytinburnu, Eyüp and Eminönü districts with an area of 19.34 km.

Location of Our School:

Cerrahpaşa quarter where our school is presently located at was established on one of the seven hills of İstanbul. It is a flat hill with low hillsides. It also has shores to Marmara Sea in the south.
Our Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Street is surrounded by Haseki, Cevdetpaşa, Kızılelma and Millet Streets.

Economic Condition of the Area

The main income of the area comes from trade. Traveling salesmanship, street peddling and bazaar selling plays an important role in the economic life of the area. Carpentry, ironworking, auto-repair, and small restaurant business are among the other noteworthy occupations which residents are engaged in whole year around.   
The main business event of the area is the Friday Bazaar of Cevdetpaşa Street. The residents usually meet their food and clothing requirements from this bazaar. 

Surrounding Schools:

  • Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine
  • Davutpaşa High School
  • Kocamustafapaşa High School
  • Hekimoğlu Alipaşa Primary School
  • Çapa Primary School
  • Mahmudiye Primary School
  • Sancaktar Hayrettin Primary School
  • Hobyarlı Ahmetpaşa Primary School

Means of Access to the Area:

The Florya Seashore Road and Sirkeci – Halkalı Railway Route that continues along the shores of Marmara Sea are the main accesses to the area in the southern part of the district. There are also bus, streetcar, metro, ferryboat and shared taxi vehicles operating to and from the area.

Tourism potential of the area

Besides the internationally well known historical sites to visit, there are many comfortable and economic hotels located in the area while parks and clubs make up the other attraction centers day and night. 


Municipality Museum: It is located in the Gazanfer Ağa Madrasah to the north of famous Bozdoğan Arch. This museum has been in service since 1945. It displays many interesting and historical photographs, pictures, plans and casts related to Ottoman Era.

Yedikule Museum: This museum in Yedikule, is actually affiliated to the official Archeological Museums chain. It is also called Yedikule Fortress or Yedikule Dungeons.

Our Teaching Staff

Our young but highly experienced 25 dynamic teachings staff includes; 1 main classroom teacher, 10 classroom teachers, 2 Turkish language teachers, 1 math teacher, 1 English language teacher, 1 science teacher, 1 social sciences teacher, 1 religious culture and ethics teacher, 1 physical education teacher, 1 music teacher, 1 traffic instructor (policeman), 1 autistic class teacher, 1 art teacher together with our principal and vice-principal.